A big kid at heart



Saturday 4th June

You always were a big kid at heart, never really growing up, enjoying childlike adventures, and being happy with the simple things in life.
Fearless, curious, innocent and carefree too, you woke each morning ready to have fun.

You looked forward to, and really enjoyed our annual summer holiday visits to America. You never grew tired of the theme parks, year after year.
You would scour the internet for news of different rides to try, shows to watch, new experiences to test. You delighted in the merriment the white knuckle rides brought you.
Within the theme parks you also enjoyed those sections for younger children. Scrambling over adventure playparks, meeting with characters, and gaining pleasure from the rides for little ones.

And we miss that fun in our lives.
You allowed us to share your extended childhood for thirty years.
We miss that so much.

Thinking of you each and every day.
Missing you every minute of every hour.
Loving you forever and forever.



A big kid in Toon Land, Islands of Adventure, August 2012


Meeting the gorgeous Betty Boop ~ even her security guard had a laugh


A big, wide grin ~ Betty Boop made you feel so special


Popeye was pretty cool, too


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