You should be here



Thursday 9th June

Such painful, sad, bittersweet memories this morning.
Your brother flying home from Spain, and us picking him up from Bristol.
The last time this happened, Dad took you in the car to the airport.

As we stood by your grave in the sunshine, we remembered that day.
Because on that fateful evening, after you all arrived safely home
You went up to our bed, for a sleep, and didn’t wake up again.

I tried. I tried so hard to save you. I held your still-warm body in my arms.
But I couldn’t bring you back; you slipped slowly away.
We didn’t have a chance to say one last goodnight, love you sweetie.

And so this morning, when we visited you, it all came back.
We talked to you, we cried, sobbed. We told you we loved you.
This isn’t right, you should be here with us, driving to collect your brother.

Love you so much my darling.
Beloved Angel son.



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  1. This pains my heart… Goodness. I just don’t have the words, I really don’t… I am thankful you’re writing it out and sharing it with us. Peace to continued healing.

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