Set in stone



Thursday 23rd June

It really hits home
When it’s set in stone
Our Starman has flown
But you’ll never be alone.

Looking upon your name
And the dates that proclaim
Your candle lost it’s flame
And we’re left with the pain.

A tribute just for you
We whisper a quiet adieu
A peaceful place we come to
Saying how much we love you.

Sweet Angel son
Fly high Starman
Forever in our hearts.





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  1. Hello, I’ve been following your blog for some time now, and have been silent with my comments, however, I wanted to break the silence and say how touched I am by your blog. It is so moving to experience your love and heartbreaking to empathize with your loss. Above and beyond everything, your raw honesty is so touching and your courage and resiliency inspires me. Blessings and love to you, Harlon

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    • Thank you Harlon for your most kind words; very comforting to read.
      I write, because I don’t want to forget.
      I share my thoughts, because I have many wonderful memories.
      Expressing my feelings is sometimes therapeutic for me.
      That you stop by, read, and leave a lovely response is so heartening.
      Thank you very much indeed.


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