Starman in the sky



Friday 24th June

Your spirit soars on high
My little Starman in the sky.

Too soon to say goodbye
I often question, wonder why.

I will try not to cry
My falling tears I will dry

Because I know you’re nearby
Right there, in my mind’s eye.

My dearest sweetie pie
You really were a good guy.

And your spirit soars on high
My little Starman in the sky.

Love you.







A bright and sunny harbour

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  1. No words can console, no parent wants to go on without a child gone. There is a purpose for young people to become angels, somehow before they suffer too much. . . I taught special needs preschoolers and lost three wonderful students. One parent mentioned that a boy loved his trip in wagon to the zoo with his classmates. They buried him in the wagon, I drew a picture in pen and ink of Will with Noah on the ark. Noah has his arm around the little red headed boy with glasses. I wrote, “Will joined Noah on June. . .” I painted in the details in watercolors. The family moved away with their living daughter but send me cards and notes at holidays.

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  2. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to mourn the loss of your loved ones, and one day, you will eventually wake up, and think of him, and you won’t feel sad or that strong sense of loss, because he will always BE inside your heart, where you will always keep him…

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