Nan update


Thursday 14th July
Well, that was a scary few days. My mum was taken into hospital last Friday evening, and after a number of tests, it emerged that she had an “acute kidney injury”, brought about by severe dehydration. She was also beginning to suffer delirium, confusion and disorientation. Quite a dangerous situation by all accounts.

Refusing, or not bothering to eat and drink, had led to this pitiful situation. The kidneys ended up extremely dry.

Following intravenous saline and antibiotics, rest and much care, Nan’s kidneys are almost back to 100% normal functioning. Thank goodness.

When we arrived in the hospital yesterday afternoon for a visit, we were surprised to see her sitting in a chair, looking out of the window. Such a huge difference in her appearance and demeanour ~ the first time she had been out of bed since a week last Tuesday. She had managed a little lunch, and was sipping some chilled lemonade through a straw.

Last night Nan was discharged from the hospital, back to her care home. No more noise, bright strip lights, uncomfortable bed, woken up at all hours for obs.

Today, we arrived late morning to find Nan sitting outside in the sunshine, albeit in a wheelchair, wearing her own clothes, (much better than a hospital gown), having her nails painted. A great transformation. She is still very weak, and must be closely monitored for the next three months, with regular blood tests. And she has to make more of an effort to eat and drink fluids ~ or I will keep on incessantly nagging, and she hates that.

Thinking of you my darling, who needed no encouragement to eat your food, and drink water, tea, lemonade or juice. You had a great appetite.

Seventy weeks today, you fell asleep.

Love you to the moon and back.

Precious Angel son.


You, Nan and your brother. February 2014

The harbour this afternoon

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