Smiling, little face


Tuesday 26th July


I miss your smiling, little face

Spreading fun all over the place.

Such a wonderfully, cheeky grin

True happiness comes from within.

From a contented young chap

Who loved sitting on my lap.

To an innocent young man

Laughing as much as he can.

My sweetheart Angel baby

Now in heaven, playing safely.


Grey and muggy on the beach ~ lots of tents for shelter

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  1. It would be hard to lose a child and every possible happy moment is also shared in your memory of how it was when he was alive. I am glad you try to think of positives since he is happy in heaven, it is just us left behind who may be hurt, sad and depressed. Loss is a very horrible experience, cannot imagine losing a grown child.

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    • Thank you for your lovely words.
      It is so hard, living life after Frank, but there are so many unbelievably wonderful memories to cherish.
      We do miss him so much, and sometimes a memory hits you, and it is so sad to realise that the memory is just that, something that happened in the past, not now to be repeated.


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