Oi lads!


Sunday 25th September

We spent the day in our local supermarket, raising awareness, selling raffle tickets and collecting spare change.

We have joined up with three local families who have also lost family members to illnesses. The charities we are fundraising for are: Checkemlads Testicular Cancer, Meningitis Now, Bowel Cancer and the Brain Tumour Charity.
Although it was a fairly quiet Sunday, we did collect a good amount of money, and spoke to many people. One chap, who was holidaying in the area, didn’t want to buy a raffle ticket, but did purchase a wristband; he made the comment that Testicular Cancer is not spoken about enough. 

We are also planning a musical tribute event in October, with local musicians, singers, dancers and DJ’s, with food provided by some of the town’s best restaurants. It should be a great occasion.

And all of this we are doing, because of you, my dearest darling. Trying to raise awareness, so young men can talk more openly about their health, seek advice and support early, and not be embarrassed to admit they might have a problem with their testicles.

“Oi lads! Checking testicles is cool”

I love you so much sweetie, and miss you every day. Wishing things had been different for you.



“Oi lads! Checking testicles is cool”

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  1. Excellent post! Just as we ladies need to check on “the girls” and make sure things are all right, so do the lads need to check out “the boys” to ensure all is proper.
    The more awareness is raised, the less embarrassment and self-consciousness is felt.
    Keep up the great work!

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  3. I am speaking for my self
    the issues of health has been so hard on me
    It has really challenged me to be more pro activate
    I had a serious car accident six months
    Ago and body went completely haywire
    Being a man it’s a shot to my ego
    To have to ask for help
    Not mention how some Dr look at men differently then they do woman
    But that a whole other story
    I applaud you for your work
    As always Sheldon

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    • Dear Sheldon, so sorry you have suffered from the car accident; I really hope you are steadily on the mend, and seeing improvements.
      Sending virtual hugs your way.
      Take good care.
      Melanie x


    • Thank you.
      Young men should be aware of how to reduce their cancer risk.
      Being able to seek advice, information and support is key.
      Awareness and early detection will make a difference.


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