Daily Archives: October 7, 2016



Friday 7th October

Busy, busy, busy today; pulling together last minute stuff, things, bits and bobs, resources…….all for the charity event tomorrow.

We are hoping it will be a success; people will have a great time; monies will be raised; awareness generated; and the local community come together for such worthwhile causes.

When we were with you this morning, chatting away, Dad wondered what you would make of all the running around that we have been doing, to help get this event off the ground. Would you be helping us out? Organising people? Wanting an itinerary? Who knows….

And then he stopped…….realising if you were here to think about that, we wouldn’t be a part of the event. We wouldn’t be involved. 

Instead, we would be with you, doing other things, going places, having fun together as a family…

It is only because of you and what happened that we are connected with the event tomorrow.

Love you so very much

Missing you every day

Sweetheart Angel son