Daily Archives: October 20, 2016

Random act of kindness


Thursday 20th October

Today I have been rendered absolutely speechless, lost for words, taken aback, by the unbelievable kindness of a friend of mine.

Having met a couple days ago in our local coffee shop, where she admired an agate necklace I was wearing, we chatted about her hobby of beading; she said she loved to make her own jewellery, including more intricate designs of beadwork

Today we met again, and as I approached the table in the coffee shop, I saw that she had laid out numerous beautiful necklaces. Made of semi-precious stones, they looked exquisite: agate, opal, turquoise, quartz, amethyst, tourmaline…….a veritable treasure trove.

I was under the impression that I was going to admire them, pick one out for myself, and pay half her ticket price. (The tickets detailed the stones used and the cost a shop or gallery would be expected to pay, followed by their mark-up).

So then the surprise came. She said: “They’re all yours. Take them. Sell them to friends. These are for Frank’s Fund.”

There must be over twenty beautiful, chunky, sparkly, tactile, wonderful necklaces, and words just can’t express my gratitude for what she has done for us.

Such an awesome, random act of phenomenal kindness.

Raising money in your memory ~ Frank’s Fund. Extraordinarily touching.

Love you my sweetheart.

Precious Angel son.