Wet and windy


Sunday 6th November

Wet and windy, squally showers

Dark and stormy, choppy seas

Cold and rainy, heavy downpours

Blustery and overcast, scudding clouds.


Love you forever

My precious son

Missing you 

Treasured Angel


Wet and windy at the beach

Dark and stormy

Cold and rainy

Love you forever

A break in the rainclouds when we came to see you

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  1. It’s on these bad weather days that you’re, especially reminded of the one you’d lost and loved, isn’t it, but the bad weather will eventually clear up, and your hearts will, finally heal, and, then, when you think of your son, you won’t feel any sense of sadness or sorrows, because you know deep down, that he’s still with you, because of the love you have for him…

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