Saturday 5th November

Your head now lays gently

On the white, fluffy clouds

That’s how I think of you

As I walk through sadness.


Still miss you every day

Your cheeky little face

So innocent yet wise

With so much love to give.


Now memories return

To make me smile and cry

Of a life so well lived

But taken far too soon.


Love you my Angel

Dearest darling son

To the moon and back

And around the world.


November 5th 2014. Two years ago, in hospital, for overnight observation

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      • I have two grown Sons and I could not imagine my life without them, its just the three of us has been since 1994 when my Husband died, the Boys were only young but we worked together and are very close, so I can’t imagine the pain you are going through, but his love for you will always be there. May I call your Son, Frank, I can see from what you said just how much he meant to you but he is only “in the next room, you can’t see or hear him but he will always be there for you”. God Bless.

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