Daily Archives: February 16, 2017

Little monkey


Thursday 16th February

Sometimes you were a little monkey

You’d shout and scream, scratch and swear

You might become really frustrated

Kicking out and pulling my hair.


Challenging times required much patience

Reasoning and talking softly

Mostly you would understand

Other times you were downright naughty.


You were such a complex character

But it’s what gave you your charm

Funny, with a great sense of humour

Who’d never do anyone any harm.


My cheeky little Angel in heaven

How I wish you were still here

Getting up to lots of mischief

Making us smile and bringing cheer.


Love you to the moon and back

Sweetheart Angel son


The beach this afternoon (stylised by Google Photos)

You cheeky monkey

The harbour, with many half-term holidaymakers about