Daily Archives: February 4, 2017

Happy birthday Hank


Saturday 4th February

Happy birthday to my father

A life well-lived and so fast-paced

He would be eighty five today

Always fun, never straight-laced.


And on World Cancer Day…………

My father ~ Pancreatic Cancer

My son ~ Testicular Cancer

Me ~ Metastatic Malignant Melanoma


Missing you my Angel father Hank

Missing you my Angel son Frank.


Hank and I. August 2008

Hank and Prince Charles

4.2.1932  –  5.10.2009

Remembering when we were in Scotland and HRH Prince Charles was taken on a two hour, supersonic flying sortie with Hank in a Phantom fighter-bomber. The flight included an air-to-air refuelling exercise with a Victor tanker, taking on 1200 gallons of fuel. They flew as high as 40,000 feet and as low as 1000 feet, making a pass over Balmoral, (reported at the time, as an ‘extrovert flourish’).

Hank and his three children ~ me, my sister and brother ~ early 70’s 

Hank and my mum. Receiving the bar to his AFC

Phantoms over Scotland