Dearie, dearie me


Friday 16th June


Nan was taken into hospital last night just after 7pm following a fall in her room at the care home.

After spending six hours in A and E she arrived on the Trauma Ward at 2am, having been diagnosed with an intertrochanteric neck of femur fracture: she had broken her hip.

We visited her this afternoon, and she was ok, a bit confused, and at first refused to acknowledge that she needed an operation to fix her hip. She just wanted to go home, and go to bed. After much talk and reassurance, she has come round to the fact that the procedure will be necessary to remove the incessant pain.

She has two wonderful doctors looking after her: an orthopedic consultant and a geriatrician. I feel very confident with her care.

She was fourth on the theatre list, had already been hooked up to a saline drip, given intravenous paracetamol, and had been administered a nerve block in preparation. 

We stayed for about three hours; comforting, holding hands, and talking. She was scared, but then who wouldn’t be?

As of seven o’clock this evening, she has had the operation, been through recovery, and is on her way back to the ward. I was told to ring back at eight for an update. Half an hour to wait……

So my darling, that has been our day. I think you would have given Nan a gentle hug and a big kiss. You did spend a lot of time together, reading stories, playing board games or cards. You loved your Nan, and she loved you.

And I love you too. So very much.

And I miss you, more than words can say.

Treasured Angel son.


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    • Thank you.
      I’m sure the combination of the anaesthesia, paracetamol and morphine will allow her a good night’s sleep tonight. Then begins the recovery to regain her mobility.

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  1. Hope Nan is doing much better! 🌹
    My Mom still feels some pain in her shoulder but no pain from her hip surgery a year later. It will show her ways to accommodate and they will include hints on future ways to get around without falling. My Mom is 89 in November so life is still good and I hope Nan will feel less pain each day from now on. 💐

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    • Wow! Thank you for your kind words and lovely to hear your mum has recuperated so well after her surgery.
      My mum will be 85 in August, so hope she can respond in a similarly positive way.


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