Wednesday 11th October


Sadness every day

Grief everywhere

Even when I’m happy

Hidden pain is there


Sorrow around the corner

Anguish in daily tasks

Even when I try hard

I hide behind my masks


Love you forever

Forget you never

Treasured Angel son

Now forever young


Porthmeor and the Island, looking damp and misty this afternoon

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  1. This was a really great post! People who have never lost a child cannot comprehend what it like. Truth is there are labels for spouses who lose their mates – widow and widower or for children who lose their parents – orphans but there is no word or label for the parent who loses their child – it’s just too awful to have a fitting label.

    I don’t know if you have read my “I STILL HEAR YOUR VOICE – REPRISE” but you might enjoy it. I wrote this for my Mom as a left behind spouse but think you will feel the same sentiments as a Mom who lost her son.
    Also, if you like it enough I would be more than happy to do a rewrite for you from the viewpoint of a Mom losing her child???
    If you have an interest you can email me – chucklindholm

    Thanks for your support and all your visits and views to my blog. They are so appreciated!!!

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