Sunday 6th May


Crawling up from the sea

Slow, grey fingers of mist

Now shrouding the beach

All day long, did persist


Sneaking through the trees

The nebulous, wispy veil

Excluding the sun’s warmth

Picnic plans must curtail


Thinking of you

Precious Angel son


The harbour is down there somewhere

Mist billowing through the trees

Devoid of colour

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      • When the trees come out in the Spring Melanie, I always say it reminds me of girls going to prom night – all the fancy pastels … though I am thinking back to year ago, now here in the newspaper they show the local proms and the dresses are far from frilly and poufy … they are tight and expose a lot of skin and the schools have something called β€œcover-up ponchos” that they make the girls wear if they show up to the prom in skimpy clothing. πŸ™‚

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      • There was much controversy about the “cover-up poncho” for a local Catholic school. It had alot of media coverage, and students wanted to protest, then at the last minute the school rescinded the policy, but not before it made the national news (maybe even the international news)!

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      • Yes, I saw that report somewhere, and thought who would want to wear a poncho over their outfit having spent money and time preparing for their prom, looking their best (or so they hoped).

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      • Well, you could say “kids have no sense sometimes in their clothing” but then again, kids don’t have the money to get all the prom clothes and accessories unless they have a job. What it costs to go to prom now is astronomical from what I hear or read. So, in some respects you have to blame the parents. But when I was a teenager, my parents were strict and I didn’t get to rebel too much, but I look back at some of the fads that I WAS allowed to wear and I have to shake my head … the maxi dresses, the Grecian lace-up sandals, the wooden purses. What were we thinking back then?

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      • Fashions change, each generation rebels in their own way…… I shaved my eyebrows off and dyed the front of my hair blue when I was thirteen….. Oh dear…

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