Wednesday 9th May


Watching, waiting


Bright, beady eye

Against grey sky

Equipped to swoop

Your ice cream scoop

Seabird squawking

Forever mocking

Fly through the spray

Soaring away


And you

My Darling…..

Fly high

Love you

Miss you

Angel son


Porthmeor Beach with surfers enjoying the waves

Watching, waiting

Steely, grey sea

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  1. Those seagulls … same here, they have been known to swoop down and steal a hot dog out of a person’s hand or even be so brazen to steel a wiener off the BBQ. How do they not burn their tongues (if seagulls have tongues)?

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    • Aha, our seagulls are aggressive too, attacking from behind, making their victim jump, and so dropping the food on the ground, making it easy for many seagulls to come scavenging.

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