Beautiful Memories



Tuesday  11th August

You really did leave behind so many beautiful memories for us to treasure.
And these memories can never be taken away, they just seem to become more intense, every little thing now has a deeper meaning.

Thinking about you, about all that we did, about happier times, all those events, have a special place in my heart, but each and every one of those memories is now tinged with sadness.

They are still the same memories, but now they are bittersweet to me. The memories we have of you are wonderful, but we have to accept that that is all we have, all that we have left of you. There will be no new memories to be made. Ever.

My memories of you are therefore happy and sad, at the same time. I am smiling, and yet tears run down my face.

For the last few years, we would probably be down in the Florida Keys right now. Here you are, on the first night of our arrival at the Islander Resort in Islamorada. We had dinner in the open air restaurant beside the pool, where I had chosen a salad, and you picked the hibiscus flower from my plate, and put it behind your ear.


Frank at the Islander

You look so sweet and innocent, twenty six years old, and not a care in the world. We looked after you, made sure you were safe, and tried to give you everything we could.

Beautiful memories.
Happy times.
Sadly no more.

Love you my darling Angel son.



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