I have an Angel



Saturday 15th August

I have an Angel in heaven.
I call him son.
My son.
My thirty year old child.

Born with many problems, we made sure he truly lived life to the full.
Yes, his behaviour could be challenging, his language sometimes colourful, his non-compliance frustrating. But he was also so loving, caring and thoughtful.

He is twenty eight years old here, having a wonderful time in Sea World. A great big smile, and such a happy disposition.


Sea World 15.8.13


Chilling with the penguins

Oh to have those carefree, fun days back again.
The days before he was diagnosed with testicular cancer.
The days before chemotherapy destroyed his body and stole his life.

I miss him so very much.
I miss our lives together.

I have an Angel in heaven.
My Angel son xxxx



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