Forever with me



Friday 2nd October

“A part of me went with you
A part of you stayed with me”

So very true.
In fact a big part of me, went with you to Heaven, and I am left broken.
Without you, nothing is as it was.
There are so many missing pieces.
So many silences.
So many spaces that will never now be filled.
Events that will never be.
Places we won’t see.
People who will never meet you.

And yet, part of you has stayed with me.
Your thirty years of fun, adventures, experiences, learning, smiles, tears, frustration, success, challenges…..
So many tales to tell.
No one can take those away.
So, so many wonderful memories.

Love you forever my sweetheart.
Blowing kisses to Heaven.
Beloved Angel son xxxx



Sunny afternoon in the harbour (low tide)


Quiet and calm at dusk (high tide)

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