How much you have traveled



Monday 25th January

“Don’t tell me how
educated you are,
tell me how much you
have traveled.”

As a family we have been so very fortunate to be able to travel to many destinations around the world.
Your first flight in an aeroplane was to Hong Kong (in 1990), where we stayed for just over a week, en route to Australia, where we were to live for two years. You were five, and your brother was three years old.

During our time in Australia, we flew to Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and Townsville on different holidays.
We were lucky enough to be able to make use of military transport aircraft: Melbourne to Sydney in a Hercules C130, sitting in very basic webbing seats, was certainly an experience.

On our way back home to England, we had a week’s stop off in fabulous Singapore. (1992).

The next holiday was to the island of Paxos, just south of Corfu. (1993)

Then began our many years of summer holidays with my father, on his yacht.
Sailing around Bermuda, Tobago, British Virgin Islands, then up and down the east coast of America, from South Carolina to Key West in Florida.

We certainly do love to travel, and have been blessed with very many opportunities.

The amazing experiences that you encountered really added to your global education.
From swimming on the Barrier Reef, to walking through rainforests, from eating authentic Chinese food in street markets, to watching a snake charmer, from watching NASCAR races to drag boats, from swimming with dolphins to taking a cable car to the top of the Schilthorn to eat in the revolving restaurant.

We have had so many adventures, been so privileged to be able to take our boys to so many different places.
Adapting to new languages, cultures, food, scenery, animals, schooling, friends, climate, currency, almost became second nature, and you took it easily in your stride.

I’m glad we were able to take you with us to so many diverse destinations.

My Angel traveller.
Darling son.
Flying high.



A day trip to Land's End, Cornwall, signposting to our previous home in Victoria, Australia


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