My Carolina Panther Angel



Sunday 7th February

The last time we all went to America for our summer vacation was in August 2014.
Most often we would begin and end our road trips in North Myrtle Beach SC; we got to know the area very well indeed, and have many friends there.

Following a heavy afternoon storm, with much rain and thunder, we decided to eat at the Overtime Sports Bar. You loved their giant plate of nachos, and could watch a myriad of television screens.


Nachos and screens and motorbikes and NASCARs

When the time came to leave, I think we hovered inside the entrance for a while, as the rain was still lashing down.
You took it upon yourself to clamber all over the carved statue of their Carolina Panther. A formidable looking beast.


You and the Carolina Panther

I bet Overtime will be exceedingly busy, with the Super Bowl 50 being played tonight.
I wonder how well the Carolina Panthers will do against the Denver Broncos?
I’m not sure you would have been that interested in the game, but you certainly would have watched Beyoncé in the half-time show.
You thought she was pretty awesome, and you could do a mean impression of Crazy in Love.

So, my little Angel.
Look down and sing along with Beyoncé.
Thinking of you and that Carolina Panthers statue.
Love you forever and ever.



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