So lost without you



Monday 15th February

Thirty years a close-knit family
You, younger brother, dad and I
That you had special needs
Meant upon us, you did rely.

Thirty years of having fun
Planning trips and holidays
With your happiness in mind
Occupied in so many ways.

Thirty years of taking care
A fierce love of high intensity
We thought it would continue
We would keep on, endlessly.

Thirty years ended so abruptly
Our joyful family existence
Wiped out, to be no more
Disappearing in the distance.

Thirty years of memories
From a family, now reduced
To a lost, adult couple
To a new life, introduced.

Thirty years of living with you.
Now we’re picking up the pieces
Not really knowing how to cope
Without you, sadness increases.

Thirty years. Before and after.
A happy family with you
Just another set of parents
Growing old, without you.

We did have fun though, didn’t we?
I’ll hold on to those memories
So many good times together
And I’ll keep on telling your stories.

Thirty years.
So lost
Without you.
So lost.

Missing you so much.
Love you sweetie.



The colour of the sky this morning, over your resting place

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  1. An emotional tribute. My eyes welled & at one point I sobbed. My daughter was brutally murdered May 17, 2011. She left 3 small children and so many devasted hearts. We still don’t know who or why. Totally a shock.
    She is in a cemetary about a mile from my home. I stand beside her with the same thoughts you have. She was our warm morning sun & the cool of twilight.
    May the Father bless you with peace & comfort💔

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