Angry Bird



Tuesday 16th February

You’re my little Angry Bird
Pretending to stomp your feet
You weren’t really that cross
Mostly quite loving and sweet.

You knew you were different
And that caused some frustration
You found it hard to join in
With poor social communication.

But we did everything we could
To make sure you were accepted
Filling your life with adventures
And ensuring you were protected.

Always seeking the best for you
Forever thinking one step ahead
Trying to avoid any pitfalls
Keeping you close by instead.

Organising everything for you
To keep your routine familiar
Maintaining life on an even keel
So nothing was too dissimilar.

Showing you so much love
Holding you tight, always
You meant everything to us
Happily filling all our days.

And now we miss you massively
The world seems so much emptier
A new life we must confront
Hearts beating that much heavier.

Love you my sweet Angel.



July 2012, Costco, Myrtle Beach, SC. Messing around with a beach towel


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  1. I know that nothing will ever fill that gap but your words are testament to the love you have shared. Beautiful.

    It is an honour to have the gift of someone so pure, in your life.

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  2. I thought about your son so often as I was writing my post on autism. It’s clear your whole family loved him and did right by him. I hope to do the same with Lily. I have a lot to learn from you, as I think you are an amazing mama!

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