Precious, sweet Angel



Tuesday 12th April

Living every day in the moment.
At times walking through a minefield;
Treading softly, or marching purposely.
Memories are dotted everywhere.
Some are hidden deep from view,
Some are just below the surface.
Not knowing which, when or how
One of those memories will explode,
Setting off a flood of emotions.
You can’t explain, you don’t know why;
Simply unable to find the right words.
Tears stream down, uncontrollably,
As a moment in time is recalled.
Or a big, knowing smile spreads
As happy exploits come to the fore.
You are there, forever and always
In my head, my heart and my soul.
And any second I am reminded of you,
Wonderful, but bittersweet memories.
Love you my precious, sweet Angel.



Yellow flowers in the garden


The sky this evening

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