Windy City


Monday 22nd August

In 2004 we made a detour from our usual holiday on the east coast of America. My brother and his wife had a fabulous apartment on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, and we decided to spend a week in the windy city exploring a very different holiday destination.

Shopping, eating, drinking, museums, the L, parks, beaches, bridges, air shows: Chicago was amazing, and we had a busy, fun-filled week.

You on my brother’s yacht during the Air and Water Show

22.8.2004 Sliding along like a seal (with brown arms and a white body)

I remember  we drove up to Gurnee, and spent the day at Six Flags Great America; you both enjoyed the large wooden rollercoaster called American Eagle, and the insanely twisting Vertical Velocity.

You and your brother exiting yet another thrilling rollercoaster ride

We also spent time at Oak Street Beach, people watching and relaxing, having a snack and a welcome cold drink.

You and I, having a cold drink at a beach cafรฉ

We did have fun, didn’t we? Experiencing so many different excursions and adventures. You were both so lucky, and we were lucky enough too, to be able to share good times with you.

We tried hard to show you the world, meet new people, eat different foods, look at modern architecture, observe unfamiliar scenery, to place you amongst a different culture: all to expand your education and knowledge. And to have fun all the while.

And we did have fun, didn’t we?

And now, so, so many wonderful memories to look back upon. How I wish it were not so, that you were still here, able to keep on holidaying with us.

We miss you so much my darling.

Love you forever my precious Angel son.


Low tide at the beach this afternoon

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    • Yes, quite. Who would have thought? We normally took sailing, beach and theme park vacations with the boys, but given the chance of exploring a major US city, we thought, “why not?”
      I’m so glad we did ~ it’s a great place.


      • l am glad you had great time In Chicago .WE moved to California from Chicago because of the severe winter cold and snow because of health reason.Hope you Will visit Sunny California.Best regards.

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      • Hi.
        I visited California way back in 1979 with my father. Another place I fell in love with.
        We flew into Santa Monica airport having come from the Grand Canyon and Palm Springs. I remember rollerskating at Venice Beach, watching golf at Spyglass Hill and Pebble Beach, loving San Francisco, Los Angeles, Nepenthe, Monterey all the way down to San Diego.
        I recall bumping into Doris Day in Carmel, too.
        Like Arnie says. “I will be back”

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      • That’s fantastic .Its a blessing to be able to travel and see the world.Couple Years ago l took My Wife Hilda to Europe to show her where l used to live in Vienna where l used to study.Then we visited Rome,Paris,Amsterdam . Have a wonderful time traveling. J.M

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      • Thank you so much.
        Vienna would be on my list of places to visit, as would Rome ~ never having been to either ~ as yet.
        I hope to continue my travels for many years to come.
        Take care.


    • Thank you.
      I think I was (and still am) a demon with a camera/phone whilst on holiday. Click, click, clicking away.
      And of course now, I have such wonderful memories to look back upon.

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