Wednesday 13th April

This morning your brother and his girlfriend drove us and their dog across the border into Portugal, to Campo Maior. A quaint little town, where we stopped for coffee and pastries, then on to the large lake, towards the west.
It is here that the pair of them go fishing or kite surfing, but today’s purpose was to find and collect wild asparagus.
This delicacy grows mostly at the base of trees, amongst brambles and prickly thistles.
Whilst dad and I walked down to the lake shore, with the dog bounding and running around like a mad thing, your brother and girlfriend were foraging for the elusive vegetable.
After about three quarters of an hour, they appeared with big grins on their faces, and were most pleased to have found a good amount of the tasty stems.
So, asparagus as a side dish it is, for the next few meals.

I think you would have enjoyed the walk; all that fresh air, and peace and quiet.

Missing you always.
Loving you forever.
Darling Angel son.



A gnarly old tree in the meadow




View down to the lake


Meadow of wildflowers




Frankie Angel Bear amongst the meadow wildflowers


Frankie Angel Bear on top of the car


Dad and your brother enjoying a beer


Some of tonight's asparagus

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  1. Freshly picked asparagus is fantastic! Even eating it raw is delicious. That’s so cool that you foraged for it. I discovered a farm two years ago that lets you pick your own, and I can’t wait to go back again. Should be ready soon. Beautiful photos! Love the wild flowers.

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