An age ago



Wednesday 27th April

I’ve been spending time trying to clear out cupboards of accumulated clutter. I can only go for so long, as I keep finding little mementos of you: birthday cards, glasses, awards, toys, key chains, and oh so many photographs.
These make me stop and think of all the good times we spent together for over thirty years.
And then I have to shut the cupboard doors before I start fighting back the tears.
But I had to smile when I came across this photograph of us. We had not long arrived in Australia, and had gone to visit dad at his work, although your brother does look rather shy.


You, me and your brother. HMAS Cerberus. 1990

Me and my darling boys
Seems like an age ago.
Full of life, love and joys
Smile for the family photo.

Love you my darling Angel son.
Missing you every single day.
Wish you were here, precious one
In my heart is where you stay.




Cold and chilly in the harbour



A pretty sky this evening

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