My dolphin baby



Sunday 3rd July

In my heart you will always be
My sweetest, most precious memory.

Our love will carry on and on
Though from this world, you’re gone.

The sadness never really leaves
Despair is what my mind perceives.

I can’t see you, but you’re there
Close by, all around and everywhere.

Watching dancing dolphins tonight
Were you there too, in the twilight?

Diving through the sparkling sea
No more pain, swimming carefree.

So was that you, my dolphin baby?
‘Cos we’re missing you like crazy.

So peacefully you slipped away
We miss you more each passing day.

Love you forever
My sweetheart
Darling Angel son.





The dolphins were out there tonight


My dolphin baby


Afternoon sunshine in the harbour


Late evening sun in the harbour

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  1. The dolphins were happy to have such a gentle and intelligent young man to join them. I always say “My Dad is rearranging the stars!” This was what comforted me and I believe the ocean or stars would be welcoming your son, too. ❀

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    • Ahhhh.
      The dolphins did put on a great display.
      And, my mind wandered to the time Frank was able to swim with them, down in the Keys, one Christmas.
      Happier times.


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