To make you smile someday


Saturday 16th July

“There used to be so many

Of my fingerprints to see

On furniture and walls and things

From sticky grubby me

But if you stop and think awhile

You’ll see I’m growing fast

Those little handprints disappear

You can’t bring back what’s passed.

So here’s a small reminder

To keep not wipe away

Of tiny hands and how they looked

To make you smile someday.”


We came across this framed collage of you and your brothers’ handprints today, along with your photographs.

It did make me smile, wistfully, as I remembered the pair of you, when you were small. You were nearly three years old, and your brother almost one. 

Your hands were quite slender, but your brother’s handprint was quite chubby.

You and your brother, and handprints

So long ago, such innocent times, with many memories still to make.

Love you to the moon and back.

Dearest Angel son


A panoramic view of the harbour this afternoon

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