Todays and tomorrows


Saturday 29th October

I used to know

My todays and tomorrows

The plans and adventures we would have

The excitement and happiness to come


I’d look forward to 

My todays and tomorrows

You were a big part of what we would do

Our family travels centred around you


I was happy with

My todays and tomorrows

A life free from worries and uncertainty

We laughed, we lived, loved each other


And now

My todays and tomorrows

Seem to be filled with a big, empty void

My heart aches for the missing piece


You are there

In all my yesterdays

And I’ll hold your memories close

Taking them forward with me

To new, but different

Todays and tomorrows.


Love you yesterday, today and tomorrow

Always have

Always will

Dearest darling Angel son.


A sunny October afternoon

Cooler in the harbour

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