Back home


Monday 8th August

We arrived safely back home, late this afternoon, again battling with summer holiday traffic whose destination is the seaside. Cars, caravans, lorries, motorbikes, tractors, motorhomes all conspired to want to share the road with us, almost at a snail’s pace at some points.

Before we arrived home, we stopped in at your resting place to talk with you. To tell you all about our exploits over the weekend. 

It was on this date last year that we walked up and down Mount Snowdon, in beautiful sunshine, for the first time. Unfit, but determined to keep going, we completed the trek in eight hours, with numerous stops. 

This year we let the train take most of the strain, enjoying the scenery, until we reached the summit, where everything was shrouded in mist and low cloud, but we still managed to climb the final few, rocky steps to counquer the peak.

We thought of you every moment.

Never will a day go by when we don’t.

We miss you with every beat of our hearts.

We love you with every breath we take.

Dearest darling Angel son.


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  1. A truly wonderful tribute to your son. and to make it a yearly occurrence makes it particularly so. To have walked all the way up Snowdon last year was a great achievement and your photos of that time are lovely,

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