Thursday 11th August

My phone again, had a little reminder for me this morning: five years ago, on this day, we went to Busch Gardens in Tampa.

You always made for SheiKra first, a floorless, diving rollercoaster. I remember Dad saying that the first time you went on it, you had your eyes closed as it hovered on the precipice, before hurtling earthwards at amazing speed. After that you said your eyes were always open, and that this was your most favourite ride ever.

SheiKra, Busch Gardens, 11.8.11

Another ride you enjoyed was the fast-moving Cheetah Hunt, the longest rollercoaster in the park.

The Cheetah Hunt, 11.8.11

We miss sharing the fun with you. 

We miss watching your ‘adrenaline rush’ as you sought out new white-knuckle experiences. 

We miss your laughter and smiles.

We miss holidays with you.

We miss the theme parks.

We miss you.


It’s Thursday.

74 weeks.

518 days.

Without you.

Thinking of you every day.

Love you so very much.

Sweetheart Angel son.


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  1. Oh my goodness.. I can’t imagine the jolt those reminders must still give you. I can barely handle the ones on Facebook that show photos of my family prior to my divorce. Sending you love and prayers.

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    • Yes, many feelings go through my head.
      Sadness is probably there at the forefront, but I have to remember all the good times we had together, and the fun, laughter and love we shared.
      I am just so glad I did take so many photographs.
      Thank you for your kind wishes and prayers.
      Hugs to you.


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