The Hulk


Wednesday 10th August


Two years ago we were enjoying what was to be our last American summer holiday with you. 

For almost twenty years we spent our summertime away from home: more often than not, spending a few weeks in Orlando, in between driving further south to the Keys, and to the north, enjoying stops in South Carolina.

You had such fun in the theme parks. We’d arrive early, use Preferred Parking, (to be near the entrance), present our pre-booked tickets, then off you’d go. Fiercely independent, you liked to do a complete loop of the park on your own, queuing and going on the white knuckle rides by yourself. Somehow you would then manage to find us, tell us all your exploits, and suggest the best or most exciting ride to go on.

You always had a big grin on your face.

And we miss that, we miss that so very much. Your smile, your laughter, your enjoyment of life.

Facebook reminded me that it was on this day, two years ago, that we went to Islands of Adventure, and you made straight for the Hulk, located just inside the entrance. Fast, noisy, scary, and your favourite.

Love you so much my darling.

Missing you every moment.

Now in the theme park of heaven.

Dearest Angel son.


Exiting the Hulk ride (August 10th 2014)

Sunset over the rooftops tonight

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