Daily Archives: January 2, 2017

Tarpon and Pelicans


Monday 2nd January

We took your brother and his girlfriend to Robbies this morning to see the tarpon and the ever-hungry pelicans. These birds are so greedy and will push and shove to take the little fish from the buckets meant for the tarpon.

A manatee also made an appearance under the dock, swimming leisurely along, taking no notice of the other massive, voracious fish.

The weather was fabulous and we spent a good few hours eating, drinking, feeding the fish and wandering around looking at all the craft stalls. We also booked a fishing trip, a snorkelling outing and a jetski session for the next few days.

On the way back we stopped off at Anne’s Beach to watch the many kite surfers mastering the wind gusts to show off their aerobatic skills. I think both your brother and his girlfriend were watching wistfully thinking how good it would be if they had their boards with them.

We miss you sweetie and we think about you all the time.

Love you

Darling Angel son


Pelicans at Robbies

Relaxing after lunch

Anne’s Beach

Sunset time at the Lorelei

Another busy evening