Daily Archives: January 3, 2017

A fishing trip


Tuesday 3rd January

Today we went on a fishing trip to catch ‘the big one’. The boat was ready to leave at nine thirty in the morning; as it was already baking hot in the beautiful sunshine we made sure we were suitably covered with sunscreen. 

Each of us managed to catch at least one fish: although they weren’t the massive specimens hoped for, it was good fun. Baiting with strips of squid, letting the line go until it hit the bottom some thirty feet down, then waiting, waiting, waiting …….. expectantly for the bite, before reeling up the precious catch. A few snapper, box fish (which had to be returned), and many grunts were hooked by the aspiring fishermen.

Upon arrival back at the dock, the fish were allocated to their catchers, gutted and cut into filets ~ we left with quite a decent bag.

And with that bag firmly secured, we drove to a restaurant where your catch is cooked for you ~ blackened and fried, served with salads and fries.

We had so much food prepared that it was difficult to finish everything ~ I’m sure if you were there you would have helped us clear the table. 

We love you so much

We think about you daily

We miss you all the time

Dearest, darling Angel son