Daily Archives: January 6, 2017

Waiting for the sun to set


Friday 6th January

After a great breakfast with a lovely group of friends, we decided to drive down to Key West again, and do some more exploring.

So many memories are scattered all over place. Memories of happy times with my father. And of course so many memories of you. Eating strawberries in the Conch Republic, drinking cold drinks on Sunset Pier, laughing at the granny statue outside the Customs House, and watching many sunsets. 

Today we made new memories with your brother and his girlfriend, but all the while, you were with us, walking the whole length of Duval Street to the Southernmost Point, then back to Mallory Square to watch the sunset.

Remembering all the happy times 

Love you sweetie

Moon and back


Your Grinch came with us again

Emulating the statue