You’re everywhere


Monday 20th February

My darling, sweet Angel

I know you’re there

Walking beside me

You’re everywhere.


Love you my poppet

And I always will

My broken heart

Holds you safe and still.



We visited Sally Lunn’s for a Bath bun and coffee this morning. (The oldest house in Bath, 1482)

Fabulous painted horse sculpture just along from Sally Lunn’s

An interesting sign outside a pub

Pulteney Bridge, River Avon and the weir

Pink blossom about to burst forth

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  1. Visiting those places you’d shared memories with your son would get harder, because you’re reminded of him everywhere you turn, and, visiting places you’d never gone together can get even hard, because then, you’d be reminded of ALL the memories you will NEVER have the chance of making, of walking together down that path, because he is already gone…really very, heartbreaking, thinking about someone you’d loved and lost in these times…

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    • Thank you for your insightful and understanding words.
      The future, without Frank, will be, is, so very different. He was a massive part of our lives and plans.
      We now just have the wonderful memories, and must go onwards, on our own.

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