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The Old Spanish Sugar Mill


Wednesday 9th August


Leaving Orlando this morning for Daytona, we took a detour to DeLeon Springs, a state park, and the Old Spanish Sugar Mill restaurant, where you cook your own pancakes and eggs on a griddle set into your table. 

This was on an excellent recommendation from fellow blogger Nananoyz

And such a wonderful place it was, off the beaten track; we would never have considered stopping here, merely driving on through, on the Interstate, to our destination. Thank you so very much for the great suggestion to explore this terrific area.

Upon arrival, the board at the entrance to the park stated a one hour wait for the restaurant. After parking and making our way to the eatery we were told an hour and a half. We walked around the natural pool, fed by spring water, enjoyed by many swimmers, sat in the shade of magnificent live oaks, and waited for our name to be called. As it was, we only had forty five minutes to wait, and we were seated.

We opted for the all-you-can-eat pancakes option, with added apples, blueberries, pecans, cinnamon, crispy bacon and eggs. And wow, what a feast we had. Pouring the batter on to the hot griddle, set into the table, adding toppings, flipping the pancake over, and covering it with maple syrup. Just fabulous. So yummy.

You would have loved making your own pancakes, I’m sure. You did​ like apple and maple syrup such a lot. Wish so much that you were with us to enjoy this experience.

I wonder if you have pancakes in heaven?

Love you sweetheart

Darling Angel son. 


Magnificent live oaks covered with Spanish moss 

Sitting in the shade 

Swimming in the spring waters

The Old Spanish Sugar Mill Restaurant

Requisite selfie

The St. John River

The longest river in Florida

Cracking eggs and first pancake

With apples, blueberries, pecans and cinnamon

Now drenched in maple syrup

Amazing trees hundreds of years old

Daytona Beach where cars drive on the sand

The view looking inland