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Harbour Town revisited


Tuesday 15th August


We revisited Harbour Town this morning: a picture perfect location on the southern end of Hilton Head Island. 

The lighthouse stands tall, complete in its red and white livery; the various boats, yachts and gin palaces in the marina compete for attention; red rocking chairs are placed in the shade, for hot and weary travellers to rest a while; and the ice-cream parlour with many scrumptious flavours is there to tempt tourists.

It is the tree swing though, that brings back so many memories of you. Having parked the car, it was the first thing you saw when we walked towards the marina. You loved to sit, gently swing back and forth, whilst reading your book. 

Today Grinch and Frankie Angel Bear sat there. Did you see? Were you there too? Did you sit beside us? I think you did.

We love you so much

We miss you every day

Our darling Angel son 


Grinch has found the swing

Grinch and swing

Grinch and Frankie Angel Bear

Frank enjoying the swing ~ August 2013

Frank and Dad on the swing ~ August 2013

Three of us on the swing

Harbour Town lighthouse and marina

Harbour Town lighthouse

Rocking the shade

Great place for people watching

Trying to seek shade

The quiet reader ~ just like Frank

Grinch and ice cream ~ salted chocolate crunch and Bourbon pecan

The wonderful lighthouse

Terrific tones and textures of the bark on the trunk

A huge, most revolting bug!

My view, in the afternoon, under my umbrella