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Without you


Monday 7th August


We stopped for an early morning coffee at Starbucks, parking the car just over the road from Sea World. We could see the tops of the rollercoaster structures, and hear the screams of the riders on Kraken and Manta.

We both stood for a moment. And watched. And thought of you. And reflected. And wished. 

You would go into the park, and immediately make for Manta, queuing up, wanting the exhilaration of the twisting, turning, speeding experience. Then you would do it all over again. Then again.

After a while you’d wander round to Kraken, and queue for that ride. To be repeated many times over.

Maybe you’d come with us to the Antarctica section, or to watch the dolphins, seals and whales. Sometimes you’d join us on Journey to Atlantis, the amazing water flume drop. There was so much to see and do, you never became bored. You were so happy and safe, exploring on your own.

It was strange, just being there this morning, thinking about how much fun you used to have, and continued to do so for many years. You enjoyed the simple pleasures of theme parks well into your late twenties, and we were able to share them with you.

And now it’s just so very different. Without you, we are just a couple on holiday. With you, we were a family having fun. Just so very different.

Missing you sweetie pie

Love you forever

Darling Angel son


Kraken, 7th August 2012

You had so much fun on this rollercoaster, five years ago today

Upside down and inside out

Standing at the entrance, waiting to go in…