Daily Archives: August 3, 2017

Early morning


Thursday 3rd August


A sunny, early morning saw us sitting by the pool before eight o’clock, sipping on coffee. Being relatively quiet at that time, we could enjoy the sounds of the fountains and waterfalls, rather than noisy children! A couple of hours later, many families and young ones began making their presence known, splashing about enjoying their surroundings.

A sultry midday, with temperatures reaching above​ 100°F, and we decided to go out in the car; exploring, shopping and finding somewhere cool for lunch. 

By the time we returned, the skies were turning a lovely dark purple, and barely five minutes after we had come through the door, the heavens opened, with monsoon like downpours. We were so fortunate.

Missing you sweetie.

Think you would like being back here very much.

Love you Angel