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Monday 21st August


So, the Solar Eclipse happened today, and we thought we were going to be best placed for an almost perfect viewpoint. On the path of 99% totality, surely we would see the eclipse, it would go dark, silent, with birds flying off to roost?

But oh no……..The morning began with a thunderstorm, perhaps a sign of things to come, that all was not well. However, the clouds cleared away, and by 8:30am we had placed our beach chairs and umbrella on the sand, ready for a front row viewing spot.

At midday we were on the beach, expectant, phones and cameras at the ready. We had a quick swim in the ocean, and then settled down for the impending show in the skies.

The dark clouds were building both east and west of us, moving closer and closer together, finally colluding to obscure the sun and therefore the path of the moon in front of it.

Daylight was not diminished, it did not go dark, the atmosphere wasn’t rendered silent and heavy. It went rather gloomy, as if we were​ sitting beneath heavy, dark clouds, and then it brightened, and finally the sun made an appearance.

So, unless you’re in the path of 100% totality, you will not experience darkness ~ even if only for two minutes or so.

100%. All or nothing. No half measures.

The evening did end though, with the most spectacular sunset. Such beautiful colours, with a shadow sunburst, making fabulous rays up to the heavens.

Was that you, ending the day in such a amazing show of colour?

Love you sweetie

Darling Angel son


Early morning

Following a thunderstorm

Big thunder bumpers

We’ve staked our place

8:00am, not too many people about

Grey clouds covering the sky

Beginning to brighten

Looking good so far

Clouds are building behind us

The sun has a halo

Clouds moving over the sands

Moving ever closer towards the sun

Now the sun is obscured

Is this the eclipse?



Oh, it’s becoming brighter

All over, sun’s out again

The sun going down

Sending a huge shadow skyward

Golden colours

Warm rays

Golden blue

Molten lava

Stripes across the sky

Super sunset

Pretty colours over the ocean, too

Pink candyfloss