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Sunday 13th August


We went to our favourite coffee shop this morning, only to find it has changed hands, has a new name, and different furniture and decor; but it does still serve great coffee and food nonetheless. Think it will become our new favourite for the morning caffeine hit.

Some retail therapy was next on the agenda, and it was good to venture into cool, air-conditioned stores to escape the midday heat. Shorts, shirts, t-shirts, and dresses were duly chosen and paid for. 

The pool, beach and sea beckoned later in the afternoon, and we enjoyed a relaxing time just chilling and lazing about. 


We think of you all the time

We miss you all the time

We’ll love you ’til the end of time

Beloved Angel son


Walking to coffee this morning


Beach this afternoon ~ still busy at 5pm

Looking south

Pelican formation

Sunset through the trees