Daily Archives: September 4, 2017



Monday 4th September


I imagine we’re walking along the sand

Watching the sunset, hand in hand

Warmth of the day, shoulders tanned

Colours in the sky change, as we stand

Listening to the sounds of a steel band

Thinking of you, when life was grand

For now we exist in No Man’s Land

The path of our lives didn’t go as planned

Stuck in the mud, sinking in quicksand

But the love in my heart does expand

And I just wish that I could understand


My Angel son

Forever young


Lunchtime at a roadside bar

Alabama Jack’s, Card Sound Road, Key Largo

Country and Western music and dancer

Hot, even in the shade

Our table had a waterway view

Fascinating memorabilia everywhere

Conch fritters, blackened mahi mahi, fries, salad and beers

Dad swimming in the pool, later in the afternoon

Quiet, peaceful and relaxing

Just watching the swaying palms

Enjoying the shade