Daily Archives: September 13, 2017

And….. we’re back


Wednesday 13th September


Despite being delayed for just two and a half hours, we were one of only two flights (BA), to head off for London yesterday evening out of Miami. We had a most comfortable journey, (some turbulence, which could have been Hurricane José), and flew along at times, at 700mph, and were back in London in seven hours fifty minutes.

And the temperature difference is oh so noticeable. It’s chilly here. Miami was 90°F yesterday morning, compared to today in England of 50°F, brrrrrrrrr, autumn seems to have settled in.

As we were about to check in, we were interviewed by representatives of the British Embassy, and had photos taken! I think they wanted passengers who were harried, anxious, and fretting.

We weren’t.

Stiff upper lip, and all that.

And chilled, relaxed, glass half full……

So there we are…… our first US summer holiday without you my darling. And we missed you so very much, went to many, many places that you knew and where you had fun, but we also explored new destinations. Orlando was strange, and difficult really, without you. So many years of fun and memories around each and every corner. It was hard. We missed your smiling face, infectious laughter, demands for outings here and there, and your constant presence around us.

Love you forever

My precious Angel son


Sunset in the US

Sunrise in the UK

Settling in to the flight

South London below us