Daily Archives: September 7, 2017

Biding time


Thursday 7th September


Such a beautiful morning to wake up to: blue skies, warm temperatures and a gentle breeze.

We decide to make the most of the ‘calm before the storm’, and take a drive along Alligator Alley, not the whole way to the Gulf Coast, but halfway. We are mindful of the decreasing amounts of fuel available in the garages, and have seen extremely long queues of cars waiting to fill up, or yellow tape around the pumps, proclaiming no fuel at all. We also went into Walmart to buy a few items, and predictably shelves were empty of water, bread, snacks and the like.

We now seem to be biding time, until Irma arrives, and then await to see the aftermath.

Of course, we are watching, listening, taking note of the developing situation. Right now, at five thirty this afternoon, we are waiting to find out if we are to be forcibly evacuated from our hotel, here in North West Miami: it does not have toughened glass in the windows necessary to withstand the strong gusts.

All surrounding hotel rooms have been taken, or the hotels closed.

We are now looking at moving into a shelter…….

I’m not sure how you would have coped with this, my darling. Probably not very well.

We are missing you so much

Sweetheart Angel son


Off to Alligator Alley….

Pretty reflections in the water of the Everglades….

Not many on the highway….

Grinch came along for the ride…..

Palm trees line the road, canals of the Everglades behind….