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Wednesday 6th September


So, Irma thwarted our vacation plans, and has cut short our time in the Keys by almost a week.

A mandatory visitor evacuation for the whole of the Florida Keys began at 7:00am this morning.

Locals have to leave by 7:00pm.

All emergency services will have moved out by Friday.

We were up at 5:00am, packed, checked out, coffee and on the road by just after seven.

There was a beautiful sunrise, a calm, warm and quiet start to the morning.

There was no mad, panic exodus, but many gas stations do not have fuel, and supermarkets ran out of bottled water yesterday.

We’re now in Miami, and plan to stay here until the storm passes ~ unless the Weather Channel says otherwise…. or the state governor…..

Love you my darling

Beloved Angel son


Such a pretty sunrise

Calm before the storm

So quiet on the Overseas Highway at 7:00am

Across the causeway

Bye bye Florida Keys

Early morning reflections

Now safely in our new hotel, checking out the pool

It’s partly cloudy, but warm at 85°F