Daily Archives: September 10, 2017

Blown through


Sunday 10th September


Well, I think the worst of Irma has blown through…..

We have had no power all day long, no WiFi, elevators, nor air conditioning. It has been incredibly noisy, with monsoon rains, and super strong winds, with a tornado warning. We were not allowed outside, due to the danger of flying projectiles. Many tree limbs are on the ground, as well as fencing and garbage bins. 

The only light was the emergency lighting in the hotel lobby: our room, on the ninth floor, meant a breathless hike, up a dark stairwell, (we had torches), into a dark corridor, back to our dark, warm room.

The WiFi came back on briefly at midday, so we were able to contact concerned family. The power resumed at seven in the evening, so the air con is now working overtime to get rid of the funky smells. 

The elevators are not yet in service: during the heavy rain, water was pouring down the lift shafts, so work is ongoing to resume normal working order.

What we do not have is water in the bathroom, so that might be a problem…..

There is also no WiFi this evening….

It has been a long day, but we are safe. It has not been so for many others, and thoughts are with those who have not fared as well as we have.

I don’t know if you could have coped with all this my darling. Maybe you would…..

We miss you terribly.

Sweetheart Angel son


Rain and wind lashing east to west….

It’s not safe out there…..

The pool area is being battered…..

Many tree limbs are being blown down….

We need some fresh air, after being cooped up all day….