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Afternoon update


Friday 8th September


Afternoon update…….we will not be evacuated from the hotel…….such a big sigh of relief, as we did not particularly fancy hunkering down in an overcrowded shelter. 

We have been told to keep the heavy blackout curtains pulled from tomorrow morning, to take shelter in the corridors or ballroom during the height of the hurricane, be aware that power may be lost ~ no television, WiFi, elevators, nor air conditioning.

The hotel will look after us with torches, food and bottles of water.

We do now feel safe, especially since there are six police officers staying here as well.

Our car is on the first floor of a multi storey car park, so should be ok too.

We walked across the road at midday to a garage which was still selling fuel, and went in to have a snack, drink and to pay for our lotto ticket ~ most important if there are power outages! We also used the ATM to have some more cash ~ without electricity, no electronic payments can be made. We are trying to be as prepared as possible.

The afternoon was sunny, with blue skies, about 95°F, and breezy. Sitting in the shade, beside the pool was perfect.

Thinking of you sweetie

Fly high my darling

Beloved Angel son


A warm, breezy day

No evidence of the storm to come

Warm in the shade

Gazing skywards

Checking out the pool

A “nuclear hurricane”???